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Safeguarding Our Kids

Youth Auditorium

Saturday, March 2, 2024, 12:30-4:30pm

Social media and internet use can be a challenging landscape for parents and teens to navigate. The purpose of this Safeguarding event is to raise awareness on the dangers associated with technology use, as well as offer parents guidance on how to have healthy conversations with their children, how to set safe boundaries, and how to use technology in a way that honors and glorifies Christ.

Education for the family: Children in grades 5th-12th are encouraged to attend. Age appropriate main sessions and breakout sessions will be provided.We will have guest speakers from local County Sheriff's Departments and non-profit organizations, to provide their expertise, education, and prevention tips regarding topics ranging from human trafficking, social media exploitation, self-defense, and technology hazards and safeguards. You will leave with knowledge, tools, resources, and a message of hope from our pastors.

Registration is required so be sure to register and save your spot today!

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