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Sound Department

Sound Tech

Principal Function: Run audio equipment and assists a crew of technicians through load-in, sound check, performance, and load-out. He or she is considered a part of the audio tech team, overseeing the monitor engineer, microphone techs, instrument techs, and assistants.


• Run all the audio equipment across campus.

• Assists with the placement of speakers, amps, and microphones and to specify the brands and models of equipment.

• Assists the band and the pastors for the proper operation, maintenance, and repair of all audio gear.


• Mixing FOH

• Mic set up on stage for band and preacher/host.

• Assists with live stream mixer is set up and has a quality mix for online listeners.

• Works closely with band leaders and pastors to achieve targeted mix that is pleasing to the majority.

• Providing input and output list.

• Help assist, using expertise and knowledge in purchases and upgrades.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree preferred, plus 2-5 years of related job experience

Are you interested in becoming part of the Rock Church Staff Team and serving God’s house in an even greater way? If so, please complete an application by clicking the link below and submit that with your resume to our church office at email@rockchurch.com. You may also complete an application in office at 2345 S. Waterman Ave. San Bernardino, CA 92408. Our office is open M-F from 8am-5pm.

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