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The Rock Church and World Outreach Center

Only heaven knows for certain why we have been so blessed as a church, but this we do know: God has blessed our Senior Pastors with strong leadership, a sense of wisdom and faith, and with a powerful anointing to preach the Word of God. Today we are made up of a wonderfully diverse body of believers in love with the Lord Jesus Christ. Together, as we partner with the Kingdom of God, we stand together in faith proclaiming that "The Inland Empire Shall Be Saved."

The Rock Church and World Outreach Center began in 1988 with 12 people and one box of Kleenex. The Kleenex was for tears, not runny noses. Our founding Pastors Jim and Deborah Cobrae had just started the church with a small group of people, and the Lord was already bringing in the broken-hearted, the sick, and the maimed. He had given them a promise from Isaiah 12:3 With joy you will drink from the wells of salvation. In the years to come, tens of thousands would walk the aisles of The Rock to give their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ and experience the healing power of God's love.

As a church with a passion for the Kingdom of God, we've grown to an amazing family of believers listening to the heartbeat of God. Through the years, God has taught us how to be a Christian church in a city torn by sin, poverty, hurt, and in need of a Savior. Just as our human DNA reveals our make-up, God began to show us a specific DNA that would handle the needs of San Bernardino and the whole Inland Empire. As we grew, God began to show us more and more about who we are; so much so that the Lord impressed on our founding Pastors the importance of the name of our church. In the year 2000 we changed the name from The Rock Christian Center to The Rock Church and World Outreach Center. With that, came a clearer vision of the tasks that lay ahead.

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