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Internships at The Rock

A Rock internship is designed to take your passion for God and desire to serve and apply to hands on ministry here at The Rock Church and World Outreach Center. Whether you enjoy filming, graphic design, singing, budgeting, writing or meeting new people, then you’ve come to the right place. Perhaps you don’t know what you like or what you're good at, but you are willing to find out. Then the internship is perfect for you! You will be engaged in so many learning opportunities that will stretch you as a leader, creative, and Christ-follower. This will be a year you will never forget.

(This is an internship, this is not employment at The Rock. There is no compensation for the time of Internship and no promise of employment at the end of the Internship.)



Experiences, Opportunities, and Tools

  • Life-changing Experiences
  • Learn hands on ministry through service planning, set-up, outreaches, and more.
  • Discover gifts, passions, and abilities through creative projects and ministry opportunities.
  • Develop your management and communication skills and develop the leader inside of you.
  • Grow in your relationship with God through discipleship and book studies.

  • Opportunities and Supplies
  • Intern advances
  • Activities throughout the year
  • Books that we will study together throughout the year


Tuition, Requirements, and Qualifications

  • Tuition
  • Total tuition is $100

  • Requirements
  • Attend The Rock Church and World Outreach Center church services
  • Serve a minimum 15 hours per week

  • Qualifications
  • 18 to 26 years old
  • Desire to serve the church
  • Commit to 12 months of serving as an intern
  • Exemplify and live a life in Christ
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Enrolled or enrolling in a college/school or have a job during the internship
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