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Sowing For A Harvest

Dan Roth

In the year ahead we believe that God is asking us to sow.

Sowing doesn’t sound very exciting, does it?

On the surface, you are giving out and won’t see any return on what you have sown until the season of harvest has come. Sowing requires investment and hard work. There is soil preparation, plowing and scattering seed. And then you wait… and wait some more.

So why would God ask us to take the year to sow?

God wants things to grow in our lives. Growth will not happen unless we sow first. Nothing will grow until we sow! Some of the areas God wants us to grow in our obedience, hope, faith, trust, and perseverance to name a few. There are many other areas as well. What we sow will determine what grows. Just like in a garden, whatever you plant is what will grow.  If you never put a carrot seed in the ground no carrots will grow. Only the seeds you sow will grow. In the same way, if we are looking for a specific harvest we need to sow a specific seed. Our hope is that as you are planted and sow your life into the Rock Church and World Outreach Center that you will grow in God’s wisdom, build meaningful relationships and be equipped to live your God-given purpose. In the pages that follow is more than just information about the ministries and activities of the Rock Church. You will find pathways to your purpose and connection points to those relationships. You will also find a one year Bible reading plan at the end of this magazine.

We pray that the year ahead will be a preparation for such a harvest as we have not seen before, individually and corporately as a church body. Sowing may not seem exciting but any effort we make for the Lord is a part of the great adventure of faith. Let’s sow together and expect great things in this season, and in the harvest.
In His service,

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