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Time to Celebrate!

Time to Celebrate!

Pastor Dan Roth

At the beginning of this year, God laid out a vision for us to “sow”.  Hopefully, you have been sowing and watering the seeds that started this year and have seen some growth; if not, don’t get discouraged. Everything takes time; God designed it that way.

We see this principle when Noah stepped out of the ark, he sacrificed to God. The sacrifice was pleasing to God and He started to declare what life would be like moving forward. It was at that time that the fear of man was put on the animals; God promised that He would never again flood the earth, and He set up the seasons. It is at this same time that God instituted seedtime and harvest.

We all love the idea of a harvest. Pictures of abundance flood our thinking. We all want to claim the verses about bringing our sheaves in with joy. Don’t get me wrong, we should! It is a great motivator… to sow. We have to continue to faithfully sow good seed if we want to see an abundant harvest. What we all have to remember is that there are seasons. This is a season to sow. Soon there will be a season to reap if we do not lose heart.

Over the 31 years that the Rock Church and World Outreach Center has been ministering to people we have experienced these seasons. There are exciting seasons, where we sowed towards our building or towards missions and saw it all come together. In other seasons we sowed sacrificially to pay down the mortgage debt and sowed prayers for the salvation of loved ones. In other seasons we reaped a harvest where we saw souls saved, blessings come and breakthroughs happen. All of it came in God’s timing.

The biggest thing to remember in this season of sowing is to stay faithful. If we can continually sow with an eye of faith towards the future we will eventually see the rewards of our labor. To help refresh and refocus we are going to celebrate The Rock Church’s birthday on the weekend of June 22nd and 23rd. In the morning we will have special services that bring our hearts back to the sowing principle and we will receive a miracle birthday offering. Then on Sunday night we will gather for a celebration service and have a courtyard party immediately following with games, food and a great time with our church family. I hope you will pray about your miracle offering, sow generously, and come celebrate with us.

We would love to hear from you as well. If you have a testimony of sowing and God bringing forth fruit from it, please write to us at email@rockchurch.com. I know God is moving and your testimony will have great power. I look forward to hearing it and celebrating the goodness of God with you. Happy 31st Birthday Rock Church family!

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