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Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

Hello Rock Family,

Looking back over the past few weeks it has been a wild ride. Along with rapid changes and sometimes stressful situations we have seen the church shining bright the glory of God. I have been delighted to see the boldness of your faith and the expressions of your love and encouragement. I am also amazed at the online attendance from around the world. God is doing something amazing in this season!

I want to quickly update you all on where we are at in the midst of this ongoing, ever-evolving, situation with the stay home order in response to the global pandemic.

Yesterday President Trump announced that the stay at home order would extend until April 30th. This means that we will continue streaming our church services online along with engaging content for the whole family being available through our website. We were hopeful to be gathered in the building on some level for Easter services but with this order we are exploring other options. Please stay updated through our blog and social media to get information and instructions from Good Friday all the way through the Easter weekend.

Please continue to be vigilant in your prayers and faithful to your disciplines as a Christian and church member. That means your daily prayers, the study of God’s word, church attendance, giving and holy living are vitally important. Now more than ever it is time to press forward and not drawback. We will make it through this together!

Grace and love to you all,

Pastor Dan Roth

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