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2020 the Year of Double Blessings

2020 the Year of Double Blessings

Pastor Dan Roth

At The Rock we have sown in areas that may not be too visible but are very important. Some of these areas are in leadership development, campus and facility upgrades and support for missionaries in need. Other areas we sowed into are very visible: the new fleet of shuttles, sound and lighting upgrades in the Main Sanctuary and our ongoing events and special productions during Easter and Christmas.

In our year-end reports we got to see God’s goodness even more. In our headcount for the children we had over 100,000 kids in our Children’s Ministry and on the Youth Ministry side we were just 10 shy of 16,000 teenagers. Our Food Distribution Center gave out over 7 million pounds of food and drinks and they saw 458 people get saved in altar calls before the distribution. We averaged 11 miracles a week with our Ministry Prayer Teams. Our total salvation count for all the ministries was 10,240 people of whom 1,340 completed our Spiritual Personal Trainer program. When we added up the discipleship and mentoring time between the SPT and Breaking Free ministries we found out that there were 17,210 hours of personal discipleship that was sown into people’s lives. That is equivalent to 717 full 24-hour days packed into one year!

Additionally in the lives of our church members, we saw 19 weddings, 28 funerals,  dedicated 52 babies and pastors sat and talked with members for spiritual guidance 365 times (that’s like once a day for the whole year!). 196 people were baptized on our church campus and 95 prison inmates were baptized in the prisons. We visited 108 individuals in the hospital and sent cards of encouragement, sympathy and love to 214 individuals and provided multiple meals for five families during their times of crisis and grief.

You have a part of all of these amazing numbers if you are involved here at The Rock Church and World Outreach Center. Every gift, every prayer, every act of service matters. The seed investment you make allows us together to see the results that only God can bring. God truly is the Lord of the Harvest. When we faithfully sow, God watches over the promise of His word to bring supernatural results—a great harvest! Because of the sowing we did last year, I believe 2020 is going to not only be an average harvest but a double harvest!

There has been much anticipation for the year 2020; something is special about it, and for a good reason too. God gives us the times and the seasons we live in. It is going to be a great year!


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