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Divorce and Remarriage

Welcome to The Rock Church’s Divorce and Remarriage series, where Dr. Fred Adams will address specific topics and answer questions regarding Divorce and Remarriage. This six-session series will provide answers to the following questions:

  • Is divorce a sin?
  • What is God’s Attitude Towards Divorce?
  • Is Divorce Adultery?
  • Is Remarriage Immoral?
  • What are Paul’s Views on Marriage and Divorce?
  • To Remarry or Not to Remarry?

In addition, there is an associated set of reflection questions below each audio teaching session. These reflection questions are provided to raise discussions that enhance your understanding of topics covered in these sessions that can be used for dialogue, critical thinking, prayer, and meditation for individuals, couples, or Bible study groups. We desire that this series will be a source of hope, comfort, and encouragement in these life-changing moments.

Audio Teachings

Reflection Questions

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