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Deborah Cobrae

Founding Pastor

Deborah Cobrae


Pastor Deborah Cobrae is the wife of Jim Cobrae, mother of four children, Miranda, Kimberlee, Jessica and Luke, and the grandmother of many wonderful grandchildren. Deborah has labored alongside her husband as they together Pastor one of the fastest growing churches in Southern California; The Rock Church and World Outreach Center.

Throughout years of ministry, marriage, and motherhood, Deborah has learned important lessons about becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ, walking in His faith, working by His grace, and touching lives with His love. Her commitment to serve the Lord and wear whatever “hat” He gives her to put on, has led her to preach in other nations, the inner city, and prisons. Through positive insights, Deborah’s dynamic and practical teaching on God’s word will equip you with the “how to” on living right in a world gone wrong.

Deborah Cobrae
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