Joel Alvarado

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Joel Alvarado


Pastor Joel is married to his beautiful wife of 36 years, Joanna, an amazing woman of God who has an extraordinary gift of loving people. He has five kids, all gifts from God: Jacob, Colton, Julia, Janae and Jeneva. Pastor Joel grew up in the church. The son of a Pastor who happened to marry a Pastor’s daughter; There’s eighty-five years of ministry legacy behind them!

Pastor Joel attended Grace Bible Institute in the City of Long Beach; Ca. He is also a graduate of The Rock School of Ministry. He currently oversees our discipleship and restoration ministries at the Rock, and is the author of our course curriculum “Breaking Free”, which helps people through a process of freedom and accountability with God and others. God had guided Pastor Joel to the Rock and very clearly confirmed his calling as a Pastor. God asked him to organically grow what was in seed form, a new restoration ministry called Breaking Free. Over twenty years and thousands of people that God has reached at the local church level and globally through this restoration ministry that was grown right here at the Rock Church.

Life Scripture

Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. - John 8:36

Joel Alvarado
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